Copywriting & features|

I have worked with a number of charities, campaigns and brands to produce advice, information and guidance content, often dealing with highly sensitive issues. I’m well used to crafting concise copy out of dry, lengthy information, and have considerable experience creating online and print guides and resources for a wide range of audiences.

I’m also an experienced features writer and am equally comfortable chasing leads and sourcing/interviewing case studies. After many years in a digital environment, I’m able to write copy that not only appeals to readers but is also well optimised for search engines.

Web copy and marketing materials |

Website relaunches are time consuming, and many teams benefit from external support to rethink the copy. I’ve worked with many companies to help them with tone of voice development, copywriting, content strategy and migration, as well as marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets and annual reports.

Editing |

Before going freelance I spent many years in editor roles on websites and magazines. I have edited work from professional journalists, students, young people and experts/colleagues with no writing experience. In each instance, I understand what is needed to make their copy fluid, readable and relevant to the audience. As a freelancer, I have put this experience to good use. Most recently, I worked as co-editor on Which? University’s new section for teachers. This involved lengthy commissioning and in-depth editing, researching and writing guides and articles for students and teachers, and developing classroom resources with a specialised agency.

Ghost writing |

Much of my time is spent ghost writing blog posts and LinkedIn articles for companies and influencers who are time poor but recognise the importance of good quality content.

Social media management |

In the past six years I have also worked as a social media consultant. I have a keen interest in food brands and issues and have worked for many food clients including Organix, Wyke Farms, The Pig Idea and FareShare. I have also worked with global brands such as Dickies and Milton to build their social channels.

Online communities |

As blogs, forums and commenting became popular, I increasingly found myself working on the ‘community’ aspects of websites. From moderating the busy community of young people on (now called The Mix) to developing a new blog-style debating site for Which? (called Which? Conversation). I have also developed blogger and influencer outreach programmes for global brands.